Avoid These Traps On Your Weight Lose Journey

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weight loss angerPeople make mistakes. Even in their diet plan. They tried so many weight loss programs, diet plans, diet pills, and so on just to feel disappointed because it simply not works for them. Some of them feel angry because they feel that the companies that sold those programs or pills cheat on them. However, they didn’t realize that the problems not caused by the companies. It usually caused by themselves.

Below are 8 mistakes that you could find when people trying to do some weight loss programs, and failed. Learn from the mistakes and avoid it right away when you counter one or several of them.

1. Skipping breakfast.

no food for weight lossWhile in your diet plan you write that you need to limit your food intake, it doesn’t mean you need to stop at all. It’s really bad for your body. What you need to know is the calories that you eat in the morning will be burned easily during the day, while you’re working. By skipping it, you allow yourself to eat more at lunch time and easily tempted to eat some more dessert. If you really want your weight loss plan to work, eat HALF of your breakfast is much better than eat nothing at all

2. Eat it for today, and promise not eat it tomorrow

You probably ever tempted to eat a litter of ice cream today, and promise you won’t eat it tomorrow. Guess what? You devour a whole liter today, and buy another one for tomorrow. You just can’t keep your promise. If you really want to eat the ice cream it would be much better if you eat some of it every morning, than finish all of it in a day.

As long as you consume most of your high-calories food in the morning, it usually will burn up at noon. But, if you eat it in the afternoon, it will stuck in there with nowhere to go. However, remember not to overdo yourself by eating more than you can handle.

3. No diet food.

There are so many diet foods in a retail store nowadays. Buying this type of food will led you to belief that you could eat more of it since it’s a diet food. So, it must be safe, right? Wrong! That’s why you shouldn’t eat any of it because it will make you crave for more. It’s much better for you to cook your own food than buying the healthy-pack-of-diet-food, because your body knows its limit and you’ll automatically make your food in proper portion.

4. Thinking that you’re born fat and will die fat too.

Now, this is the wrong mindset you’ll ever have. While it’s good to analyze why you and your family are fat, it’s better if you analyze it, and compare it to other people who has a slimmer body. By doing that you’ll figure out what makes you still fat, and what you should do or eat to have a slimmer figure.

5. Eat salads as your main course.

It’s good to eat salads, but you just can’t satisfy yourself by eat it. This could let you to eat some more until you satisfied. Don’t do this. Just sticks with what you’re usually eats, but eats just half of your usual portion, or replace it with the healthier ones.

6. Starting a new diet plan on Monday.

While it’s good to change your diet plan into the ones with a higher successful rate, you don’t have to do it every week. You need to follow your diet plan and stick with it for at least 30 days before you change to the new ones. It’s to make sure you already follow the diet plan and let it to show the results. If it didn’t, change it after you follow it for at least 30 days. If it does, keep going with it.

weight loss shy7. Embarrassing to go to the gym.

If you feel embarrassed to go to a gym, change your mind. Not all people will stare or talking about you. They will be too busy to care about themselves than you. Gym also a good place to find a friend that you could ask to do the diet plan together. Getting a friend could increase your motivation and get a higher the success rate of your diet plan.

8. Setting your goals too high.

If you have a higher goal, you need to split it into several small but achievable goals. By doing this, you could follow your weight loss plan without being bored in the half way because your big goal is too high and you feel you can’t achieve it.

Well, those are 8 mistakes that you could avoid while you’re doing your weight loss plan. Having a different perspective will make it easier for you to reach your weight loss goal.

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