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At Incontinence Products Plus, you can gear up and take on the challenges of senescence and incontinence, obtaining everything you need to keep your patients or loved ones healthy, clean, and confident in their daily activities.

As people age, the human body slows and requires more and more attention to do simple things. In addition, people’s bodies cannot obtain nutrients as well as during the younger and middle age years, and many people find themselves malnourished and lacking dozens of key vitamins and minerals, and suffering from a generally lax diet.

Without the proper nutrition, geriatrics are prone to illnesses, bodily weakness, and a world of other problems which can easily be avoided with the implementation of a wholesome daily nutritional regimen. Still, these nutrients can often be difficult to find in everyday foods, especially with people whose diets and appetites are shrinking, and whose bodies have weakened and struggled to extract nutrients as efficiently as a younger body.

At Incontinence Products Plus, you can find all of the necessary supplemental foods and drinks to create a healthy diet, and avoid unnecessary illnesses and ailments. These products can be purchased at lowest prices on, where all the brand name nutritional drinks and mixes can be found. Get Boost glucose control, nutritional pudding, Boost complete and others in bulk, and save money in the process thanks to our discount prices. Nutren liquid nutrition supplements are available for as low as $7.99, and offer a complete nutritional boost with added fiber! Arginaid intensive drinks and powder mix packets, Beneprotein high protein drinks, and Nutren Pulmonary drinks specialize in more specific needs, and can target patients with specific needs such as hepatic and renal related illnesses.

Along with old age comes the unpleasant accompaniment of open wounds, mysterious sores, and a general decline in health, which requires heightened care by either caretaker, live-in, or medical professional. has everything to accommodate these needs quickly, painlessly, and professionally, so you can care for your patients or loved ones tenderly, and easily evade the transferring or spread of germs, toxins, or other biohazards secretions.

For proper wound care, it is imperative that you have the tools to clean and dress wounds sterilely, or the risk of infection or complications, which can lead to innumerable problems.

For the cleaning and sterilization of the wound, use a gel from Solosite to dress the wound, or try Iodosorb caldexomer iodine gel, If you’d prefer a more hands off method of cleaning, SAF-Clens dermal wound cleanser offers a spray bottle, so you can avoid contact with the wound, without running the risk of spreading germs or bodily secretions. Closing up and covering the wound is easy with’s huge variety of wound dressings, such as gauzes, sponges, bandages and foam dressings. Get deals on brand names such as Mepilex, Kerlix, Drawtex, Elta, Flexigel, Biatain and Curity, and get all of the dressings and gels you need to successfully sterilize any wounds, and prevent any further complications.

One of the most popular products for wound care today is Elta’s SilverGel. Silver has properties of healing, and Elta’s SilverGel is a universally useful product, that is particularly unique because it is transparent, yet works quickly to kill any bacteria and help hasten the healing process. Elta’s product is also safe for collaborative use with other products, and its silver content enables it to work extremely well in unison with other common antibacterial applications. You can purchase Elta’s SilverGel in the 1 ounce squeezejet tube for precise applications, or in the larger, traditional 1.5 ounce tube. Discover Elta’s products and many, many more at Incontinence Products Plus.

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