Weight Loss via the Oriental Way

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FatIn the western world, we tend to called people who overweight as “large size” or “big” instead of using the plain words like “overweight” or “fat“. Not only that, the number of people who overweight slightly increased every year because they tend to eat junk foods than a healthy ones. Ask one nurse that you know who works in the hospital whether they ever see many fat oriental ladies in there.

The answers could shock you. A friend of mine, a nurse from the local hospital says that she very rarely find a fat Chinese lady. Even if she really finds them, the number is really small.

So, what happen exactly with these Chinese ladies? How they could maintain their weight, and stay healthy? Don’t they ever eat anything?

wu-long-teaA recent studies in Japan shows that there is a special type of Chinese tea called the Okuma’s Wu Long tea that could burn more calories than an original Japanese tea. Drink this regularly and combine it with some exercises, and the calorie burning will increase two folds. The smart way of drinking this tea is by drinking it for 15 minutes before you eat any carbohydrates. It’s proven to suppress the rise of insulin in your body that usually happens when you eat carbohydrates.

Because carbohydrates increase the insulin level in your body, you’ll also feel that your body gain weight when you eat a lot of carbohydrates. Drinking this tea will control the weight gain that you have.

Other benefits of the Okuma’s Wu Long tea that the Japanese Research founds are:
– the eczema could clears up in 30 days after the first time you drink it
– reducing free radicals in your body
– lower the risk infections

wellness beautyIn one of the old Chinese pharmaceutical book called “Bencao Shiyi “(The Compendium of Materia Medica), you could find the quote that says tea “will make one live long and stay in good shape.” Tea, especially the Okuma’s Wu Long tea comes from China’s Fujian Province where the ladies in there drink this type of tea for generations. This special tea helps melting the body fat they have, clear their skin, and even boost their energy. The newer scientific discoveries also said that it’s possible to melt inches of your waistline by using this tea.

Teas are a good complement of your diet foods. Even if it’s not necessary, you could use it to lose weight faster. To make your weight loss diet plan more successful, the combining of a healthy diet plan, teas, and exercises are a good way to go.

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