Massage Warehouse Has Everything a Full Service Spa Needs

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Peter Humphries operates a small local gym and after seeing that many of his clients get stiff and sore after a workout, he decided to offer the extra service of a masseuse. In order to have that service for his customers he had to bring in a lot of new equipment. Since he didn’t have a lot of space, he decided on a portable masseuse chair that he found for a great price at Massage Warehouse. Being from a small community, there weren’t a lot of options for getting the supplies he needed for his new service at local retailers, but everything he needed was handy and easy to find online at the massage supply company. They even had excellent additional equipment that made his massage therapy sessions the talk of the town such as towel warmers, hot and cold therapy equipment and wonderful massage tools like a cranio cradle for head support and a foot rub ball that made his tired athletes feel great.

Continue to Expand with Massage Warehouse
By going the extra mile and always making sure that the products were top of the line, and he offered the best in sanitation with fresh linens, Massage Warehouse table covers on the chairs, and equipment sterilizers Peter had a steadily growing client base. Soon he even added aroma therapy to his schedule of offers and guests flocked to his studio, sometimes not even for workouts, just to get the therapy sessions he offered. It wasn’t long before Peter realized he had a great new business rather than just a good side business for his health club. He opened up a new shop in addition to the portable massages he gave at the club, and got some stationary tables and Massage Warehouse table covers.

Along with the new tables, he got all of the equipment he needed and expanded the services to include a sauna room with booths from the same company. He also added waxing and manicure/pedicure services for his female customers, and hot stone massages. Things he couldn’t easily offer in his portable practice, he was now offering at the new store and guests were thrilled. He was thrilled with the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery from Massage Warehouse. Since the prices were so great, he was able to pass along even better prices to his customers and soon the new business was succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

Create the Career of a Lifetime
Peter even met his new wife as a result of his massage therapy business, and she set up her own table right next to his. She prefers the portable massage clients at the club, so she bought a portable chair in fashionable pink and Massage Warehouse table covers. Her latest contribution to the expansion is a facial steamer that is portable and easy to use. She got that from the same great company along with a skin care machine so she could give full service facials and she and Peter are working to grow their business even more.

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