Changing Your Habits to Overcome Overweight Concerns

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junk foodIt’s controversial…Most of the women belief that they are emotional eaters.  Women often eat even if they are not hungry, for instance when they are upset, sad, angry or going through any tough time. Dieting is not the only way to lose weight, if you look at losing weight as “a diet” then it will surely set you up for failure.

Avoid consuming junk food, even if you are a junk food addict try to reduce consuming junk food gradually. But, try to stay on track; avoiding junk food should be your primary motive. If you find it difficult to diet, then you could try few different things.

For instance, try having different types of health food every day; you would not like eating salad every day.

Even while exercising, add weights to your exercise routine. Jog gentle on your walk, or speed walk or you could even try playing your favorite CD and dance in your room. That helps you burn calories too.

daily exercise routineAnd the library is loaded with DVDs for free borrowing; you could also purchase it from the internet, from a local sporting goods store or local discount store.  Simple changes in your daily routine will help aid your weight loss.  If you’re into more vigorous exercise, then you could try bicycling a few miles a day, jogging or running around your block.

If you do not like going outdoors or exercising at a gym, then you can try a few things when you are at home. Something like, when you are sitting on the couch ready to watch your favorite program, you could have two 5lb weights handy and use them while watching the program.

You could even walk in and around your house like –  walk out the front door, down the driveway, turn around walk around the back of the house, walk up the stairs, through the living room and back out a few times.

Some women need to be motivated to exercise or to get on a diet; most of the women (including men) find excuses – not to exercise. Always remember a little bit of exercise and controlling your food habits will take you a long way.

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