Doing it Naturally with Your Weight Loss

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No more weight loss gimmick for you today. Your search of the best weight loss diet plan is over. This article will show you the proven 7 ways you can do right away to cut off seven pounds from your body by the next two weeks!

ice water1. Water is your best friend

All weight loss plans suggest you to drink more water. It’s true. Water is the invisible weapon that you can use to combat fats and calories in your body. Drink at least six glasses per day, and your body will naturally flush out the toxic that impeding the weight that you want to burn. Water could also speed up your digestion process. If this digestion process in your body running smoothly, there are more calories to burn than to store inside.

2. Adopt new appetizer

While cutting off your favorite food into half is not enough, you could start by adding a new appetizer into your meal. A small cup of soup or broth is a good way to go. Add this to your lunch and dinner everyday. Warm soup will make your body feels fuller so that you’re only want to eat a smaller portion in your meal. This trick goes well especially when you’re eating in a restaurant. It will suppress the need to order a bigger main course.

Reduce your salt intake3. Reduce your salt intake.

While salt is good for your body, it could also harmful to your diet plan if you eat it more than the required amount. Salt, especially the one in processed foods, tends to have a larger amount than what we needs. Starting from now, spend some of your time to check the food label that you buy whether it contains too many salt or sodium in it. The best way you can do to reduce the salt intake is by removing the processed foods away from your house.

4. Reduce the sugar intake.

It’s widely known that sugar is one of the substances that make our body fatter. While it isn’t necessary to cut it off completely, you could reduce the amount you take. The form of sugar not only in the foods like chocolate or milkshake, but also in the pastas and white breads that you eat. Switch it to the healthy food like brown rice or whole wheat bread, and you’re good to go. One more thing, limit the snacks that contain lots of sugars.

5. Move a lot.

Exercise is another way to lose weight while tone your body. You’re not only got a slim figure from your diet, but a healthy one too from your exercise. You don’t like exercise? No problem! Just spend several times a week to go for a long window shopping that requires you to walk a lot. It’s more fun and healthy for you. Another way is by having a walk everyday for at least 30 minutes. You could split this up by having 10 minutes walk three times a day during your work.

6. Slowing down.

Try to have several minutes a day to slowing down and review your diet plan and exercise. When you’re trying to lose weight, you usually forget about yourself. Take some time of your own and make sure you’re worth it to get the weight goal that you want.

more fruits and vegetables7. Get more fruits and vegetables

Just like your mother said, fruits and vegetables are healthy for you. Not only that it have less calories than other processed food you’re also don’t have to worry about eating it as much as you can. Use this as your snack replacement, but don’t forget to control the sugar intake. One simple way you can do to add more vegetables into your diet plan is by adding some steam vegetables into your meal. It’s not only made you a bit diuretic and loses some water weight in your body, but it will also energize your body too.

Everything you need for weight loss is all here. Stop thinking and start doing!

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