Easy Diabetic Testing with Ascensia Contour from AllegroMedicalcom

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Managing diabetes is simpler and more convenient than ever before with Ascensia Contour from AllegroMedical.com! With groundbreaking technology, the ability to provide reliable results with every test and other innovations, the Ascensia Contour from AllegroMedical.com adds up to a simple solution with no fuss and no muss. Just load and test; the meter will automatically power up when the test strip is inserted and doesn’t require coding. For reliable results, the meter automatically compensates for a range of common issues that interfere with results. The flip-top bottle opens and handles quite well, and is designed to preserve strip freshness for up to six months. Best of all is the tiny 0.6-microliter sample size required for a virtually painless test system.
contour diabetic test strips
Ascensia Contour from AllegroMedical.com is just one of an extensive selection of diabetic supplies available through a quick and easy ordering process from the largest and most trusted online supplier of health care products. Offering the best prices, top brands and an impressive range of product choices, AllegroMedical.com makes shopping easy and affordable with generous discounts, free or reduced shipping on many purchases and a Web site that is simple to navigate and loaded with options.

Diabetics can find everything from test strips to insulin syringes, glucose meters, diabetic footwear, skin care products and a whole slew of accessories and incidentals necessary for daily care and management of diabetes, all in the comfort of their own home. Allegro carries supplies from virtually all diabetic product manufacturers from A to Z, including Accu-Chek, Apex Shoes, Bayer Diagnostics, Diastar, Medi-Fridge, Medline, Minimed, Monoject, One Touch, Owen-Mumford, Prodigy Diabetes Care, Roche Diagnostics, SharpSafety, Sharps Compliance, TriDerma, Ultra-Fine and of course, Ascensia. If it’s available for sale in the United States, it’s available on AllegroMedical.com.

From Catalog to Doorstep at the Click of a Mouse
One of the pioneers in the online medical supply industry, Allegro Medical launched their web site in 1997 and has provided quality medical products to over 1,150,000 grateful customers since that time. Filling a much-needed void, the site provides a convenient resource for patients recovering from illness, strokes or serious accidents to quickly and easily purchase the quality medical products they so desperately need, delivered right to their doorstep with a minimum of delay. A comprehensive customer rating system and descriptive customer reviews provide an extremely helpful resource for selecting exactly the right product for the right purpose.

Allegro Medical also offers a Best Price Guarantee, whereby the company will match any price a customer finds online for any product sold on the site. A monthly delivery program is available with easy sign-up, allowing diabetics to get supplies shipped on a regular basis without even having to turn on the computer.

In addition to diabetic and medical supplies, Allegro Medical’s Web site features a range of informational materials and useful guides to inform diabetics about the latest in scientific research and breakthroughs as well as useful tips and advice to help maintain optimal health and mitigate health effects of the disease. These guides are available for download at no charge through the Web site.

Although promising cures and treatments loom on the horizon, diabetes is still a very serious disease. However, with the wide range of products available at the click of a mouse, including the quick and easy Ascensia Contour from AllegroMedical.com, it doesn’t have to be the virtual prison sentence of yesteryear. Diabetics today are living longer, healthier and fuller lives, thanks in large part to easy access to an amazing selection of state of the art products and supplies delivered right to the door from Allegro Medical!

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