Massage Tools To Relieve Tension

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Most people think of massage therapists as using their fingers and hands to work out muscle knots and tension spots. While this is true, massage therapists also use special tools to work hard to reach areas. As a result, the customer receives a complete massage and leaves the spa feeling renewed and stress free.

Massage businesses must have the best therapists, equipment, and tools to project a professional image. The spa business is a lucrative venture, yet it is also highly competitive. This is why smart massage spas only buy their supplies and tools from NewLifeSystems, the best name in the business. They offer a full line of manual massage tools, like foot massagers, therapeutic arm massagers, soft massage cones, massage rollers, warm bamboo sticks, ice massage cup, joint massage tools, and Acuball kits. In addition, they stock a complete line of electric massage tools as well. says that massage tools are essentially extensions of the therapist’s hands. Tools give the client a little extra boost in their effort to relieve aching muscles which leaves a lasting impression. Give wonderful massages and stressed out clients will be back for more massages, time and time again. Since the spa business is so highly competitive, anything extra you give your customer places your business above the crowd, and this is the way to generate repeat business.

More women are in the workplace than ever before, and are seeking ways to relieve stress and reshape their bodies. Cellulite is a common quandary women face, and it is a problem they will spend money to get rid of. According to there are several massage tools therapists can use to help their female clients reduce unsightly cellulite. These tools help remove dead skin and massage and mold fatty tissue into a more pleasing skin appearance.

The Northwestern Health Sciences University recommends the use of a knobble massage tool to help remove cellulite. The tool’s end is smooth and rounded and has a curved handle. It is built in a way that makes the knobble massage tool comfortable to use for a prolonged time period. To achieve results the tool should be used on a regular basis.

Another excellent massage tool that helps reduce cellulite is the massage roller. This tool can be used in either a circular motion or back and forth. You can also enhance the rub down by using both methods of massage. The massage roller can be used by a massage therapist, and can be used individually at home too, and is an easy and comfortable tool to use.

The massage mitt is another robust massage tool designed to effectively reduce cellulite when used regularly. Wearing the mitt is similar to wearing a glove. The massage therapist puts the mitt on and gets to work on trouble areas, like cellulite. The tool can also be used by the individual while taking a shower and it is easy to use. The mitt works well in the shower, because it grips the skin firmly while engaging in a self-massage. Massage tools just makes any massage better.

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