Success with Weight Loss – Discipline YourSelf with Do’s and Don’t !

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There is almost no positive benefits by being a person with obesity, besides that you can eat whatever you like when most people must think twice before they did it. I know how it feels because I, myself, experience it. Everywhere I go, I could feel people starring at me while I’m eat. They probably think that I don’t care with my big size, but I do care. The problem is I don’t know what should I do with it so I could become a bit thin and fit.

Being a people with obesity, I see people from a different point of view. I got jealous of the people who seems healthy and fit, while comparing them with myself. I used to feel depressed and stressed just by thinking what I could do to be like them. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything to lose several pounds. I do. I try every single diet plan, pills, or programs, but none of them seems to works for me. So, I dumped them all, mostly in the next 3 days after I try them. Why did I do that? Simply because the program is too boring, require me to exercise a lot, even restricted me by not allowed me to eat any of my favorite foods at all.

I keep doing this until I realize that I need something easy. I need a diet plan that I would be followed happily without sacrificing the chance to eat my favorite foods. Yes, even if it takes more time to see the results.

The first things I do are asking myself the following questions, and answer all of them honestly.

  1. What makes you overweight? I often eat junk foods and never exercise but once a month, if I remember to do that.
  2. How determined you are to lose weight? Very! I’ll sacrifice my left arms just to lose several pounds a week.
  3. Are you willing to do this in a longer period or do you want it to be as fast as possible? I like the sound of the last one, but if it makes me can’t eat what I want, even for a tiny portion, I choose the first one, please.
  4. Could you discipline yourself to follow the diet plan? Of course! I will discipline myself even if I have to pay my sister to kick me when I missed the diet plan.

After I answer the questions, I will put it in the place where I could see those most, in my bathroom and near the TV. It constantly reminds me about the diet plan that I have and stick with it for a longer period of time.

Then, I start to find a diet plan that could take me to my goal without skinning the fat from my body myself. These are the weight loss plan that I follow and still do until today:

healthy breakfast
1. Things That I Must Do
– Eat three healthy meals per day. (Recently, I changed it into 6 small meals per day because it calms me from eating as much as possible during lunch, and I constantly eat after 3-4 hours which prevent me to become hungrier before the next meal).
– Fun exercise. (I can’t picture myself running, collapsed, and dragged by my dog. So, I choose the easier exercise like walking with my dogs for an hour or two everyday, parking as far as possible from my office, or use the stairs. It’s quite fun and doesn’t feel like exercise at all).
– Cooling my head when the temptation to eat is strong. (I grab some apples or oranges if I tempted to finished a whole bucket of ice cream, and go for a walk).

2. Things That I Must NOT Do
– Having snacks between meals. (This is the reason why I changed my meals into 6 small portions, because I don’t have time to worry about snacks when my next meals in the next couple hours).
– Eat too many junk foods. (Well, I allow myself to eat junk food for lunch every Sunday. I never overeat, but it lessens my cravings for junk food. A bit hard at first, but it slowly becomes a habit).
– Lie about what I’ve been eating. (My food journal constantly checked by one of my family member, usually my sister. She’s very helpful to keep me on track).

This is sound very easy to follow. It is, by the sound of it. Try it for 3 days, and get a bit bored. Try it for a week, it’s quite fun. Try it for 2 weeks, it becomes a habit that I couldn’t let go even if you pay me. This diet plan probably not make you lose 5 pounds per week, but I’m aiming the less conservative, 1 pound a week. It’s not that hard to achieve though.

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