The many Health Benefits of Vitamin E

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Vitamin E can be sourced naturally directly from sunlight, however, many of us are not lucky enough to live in a climate that gives us access to it all year round. It is therefore essential to source the vitamin from elsewhere. Vitamin E can be sourced from various foods including the likes of sunflower seeds, raw nuts, almonds, dry roasted nuts, olives, boiled spinach, papaya, swiss chard, boiled mustard greens, cooked collard greens, cooked turnip greens and blueberries. All of the above add great flavour to a variety of breakfast cereals, yogurts, main meals and salads. They can of course also be enjoyed as a healthy snack on the go or at work; this is a great alternative to the likes of chocolate bars, crisps and sweets. If however you are unable to source the above naturally then you should look to investing in a vitamin supplement, which can be taken as part of a healthy diet daily. Vitamin E supports a variety of health benefits, one such benefit is the support it gives the skin. Vitamin E has in fact been described as the ‘lightening rod’ of the cell. This is because it allows and aids reactive molecules in striking the cell, just like lightening, however it won’t cause any damage. vitamin e health Vitamin E also directly protects the skin from the dangerous and harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Both supplements and vitamin E rich foods will travel to the skin membranes in order to create this protective effect. Watch out for offers and promotion on Vitamin E from various stores . Another ailment that is aided by introducing vitamin E to the diet is bladder cancer. In fact introducing Vitamin E rich foods to the diet in the shape of nuts, spinach, mustard greens, peppers, olive oil and seeds will create up to 50% of a reduction risk against developing the above ailment. It is a simple yet effective procedure to add any one of the above elements to your diet and the effects are extremely beneficial to your health.

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