Weight Loss – It’s Not Just about Body Shape and Appearance !

Weight Loss – It’s Not Just about Body Shape and Appearance ! 5.00/5 (100.00%) 4 votes

beauty body shapeThe main reasons for losing weight (and trying to keep it off) are: health, well being and, lastly, appearance. Most of us seem to put appearance as the primary reason, that should NEVER be the main reason you lose weight.

Statistically, heavy people get looked over while socializing, during dates, etc.  That’s why most of them keep appearance as a priority. When you feel good about yourself, your appearance shines through when attending parties and high fashion social events. Yes of course, it feels real nice to be able to get yourself fit into the nice clothes and bring out the perfect body shape during social events.

All is not loss yet, with positive thinking and taking small steps at a time, it is not far away from achieving the desired body shape u wish ! With obesity comes a myriad of other medical problems. But they are certainly not limited only to: diabetes, early death, heart and lung issues, and vascular issues. The older you get and the more you weight, the harder it will be for you to lose the weight.

There are surgical procedures too like abdominoplasty, banding, bariatric surgery, etc. however these don’t come without risks. It might just be as bad as being substantially overweight.

Weight loss is not the same for everyone, for instance dieting might work great for one person but it might not be of too much help for another. Your doctor may be able to give you ideas why you are not losing weight.  It isn’t always about the food you are putting in your mouth, it is possible it could be genetic, or a thyroid issue or even a lack of Vitamin D. And even if you are on a diet do not skip meals, have split meals instead ! Because if your body does not get enough nutrition it could cause you more harm.

You could always enlist the help of the library for weight loss books, or research online recipes.  There are so many DVDs out now to satisfy every different exercise possibility.  Most importantly, it’s calories in/calories out and in order to maintain weight, you need to cut out about 500 calories a day off your daily intake. And remember; always check with a doctor before dropping your calorie intake to less than 1,200 a day.

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