Your Dietary Goals with Weight Loss Supplements

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weight loss supplementWhich is the best weight loss supplement? Do they really work? What are the benefits of it and disadvantages? Below you may find some important information on these issues.

Finding a weight loss supplement that can actually produce results is bit difficult. Since, there are many products in the market claiming to give you the best results but rather produce negative side effects that can be harmful to your health.

Supplements work best if you also exercise and follow a good diet, according to the experts. The first thing you have to look into before buying any supplement is that if it is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and check with various sources like health care practitioner or the net for the customer reviews, ingredients, and the long term results of the product.


  • reduces hunger, which results in decrease of calories you consume. Helps preserve and build muscle as you lose weight.
  • Study in 1999 show that you will see the weight loss benefits by consuming protein supplement and you may lose about 3 pounds a month. In some people, protein is tough to digest and may experience bloating or cramping.

Green Tea:
Green Tea Weight Loss

  • According to research green tea stimulates your body’s ability to burn fat and increases the rate at which you burn calories, which is a result of interaction between caffeine and chemical in green tea leaves.
  • People who take green tea supplement say that they have experienced a significant increase in calorie-burning ability. You may lose 2 pounds a month, based on a study of obese people who took green tea supplement.
  • Green tea are safe and no known effects have been reported, but not recommended for people who are caffeine sensitive, it may cause nervousness.


  • also known as mahuang reduces hunger and increases metabolism. Alkaloids in it stimulate the body to boost metabolism. In 2000, based on reports published, critics called for its ban linking it to heart attack and seizure.
  • However later studies found that it was safe and effective supplement when used in recommended doses.
  • Ephedra is known to reduce 1½ pounds every month. It is strictly not recommended to people with heart disease and diabetes or mental illness.

Even though there are several companies coming out with new weight loss or dietary products every day. There are a few recognized and certified supplements which are top rated by the customers after using them. Clinicallix, Nuphedragen, Colonetix, Zca Stack, and SlimQuick are the top five weight loss supplements ranked following customer reviews, long term results, product safety and overall value.

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