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Each year, millions of people start physical therapy, in both their homes and at clinics and facilities, all across the world. Whether recovering from an injury or major surgery, physical therapy is a necessity when it comes to regaining the strength and mobility needed to function for today’s demanding lifestyles.

That’s where Advantage Medical comes in. With their easy to use website and fast shipping, keeping your clinic well stocked, or your needed supplies for home therapy on hand, has never been easier. Buying your physical therapy equipment online at can help you stay ahead of any potential supply shortages while giving your patients the best care for their physical therapy needs.

The Benefits of Online Ordering

Nothing beats the ease and convenience of ordering your physical therapy equipment online at Their fully stocked and easy to use website gives you access to hundreds of items – the items you need and use most – delivered right to your clinic or home.

Easy Diabetic Testing with Ascensia Contour from AllegroMedicalcom

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Managing diabetes is simpler and more convenient than ever before with Ascensia Contour from! With groundbreaking technology, the ability to provide reliable results with every test and other innovations, the Ascensia Contour from adds up to a simple solution with no fuss and no muss. Just load and test; the meter will automatically power up when the test strip is inserted and doesn’t require coding. For reliable results, the meter automatically compensates for a range of common issues that interfere with results. The flip-top bottle opens and handles quite well, and is designed to preserve strip freshness for up to six months. Best of all is the tiny 0.6-microliter sample size required for a virtually painless test system.
contour diabetic test strips
Ascensia Contour from is just one of an extensive selection of diabetic supplies available through a quick and easy ordering process from the largest and most trusted online supplier of health care products. Offering the best prices, top brands and an impressive range of product choices, makes shopping easy and affordable with generous discounts, free or reduced shipping on many purchases and a Web site that is simple to navigate and loaded with options.

Flexible Hot and Cold Therapy from

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Hot and cold therapy packs are essential items in chiropractic care, physical therapy and other healthcare practices. Long-lasting hot and cold packs reduce pain, swelling and other symptoms associated with muscle and joint injuries. These effective, drug-free tools are convenient to use, and they promote healing and recovery.

Hot and Cold Therapy Packs
Most hot and cold packs are placed directly on the skin from the microwave or freezer. The best products retain heat or cold for their recommended period of time to reduce the risk of overheating or overcooling sensitive muscles and tissue. A doctor or therapist can explain to their patients when to use heat or cold therapy.

Different aches and pains respond better to different therapies. Whether cold or hot, these therapies manipulate the body into faster healing. Hot and cold therapy is immensely popular because they are easy for patients to self-administer at home.

Select Advantage Medical for Cardiovascular and Strength Training Rehabilitation Needs

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Physical Therapy Equipment and Supplies are Available at Advantage Medical

Advantage Medical is a leading provider of physical therapy equipment and supplies. Many people are unaware of the work required to rehabilitate the body after an injury. Patients may be required to engage in both strength exercises and cardiovascular exercises. Here is some of the equipment available at Advantage Medical.

Equipment for Cardiovascular Exercises
Elliptical Exercises: Elliptical exercise machines are available through the Advantage Medical website. These machines are easy on the joints. The circular motion is ideal for people who cannot engage in high impact aerobics. Elliptical machines start at $999 and increase in price beyond this point. Consider ordering an elliptical machine from Advantage Medical if your physician prescribes exercise for rehabilitation.