Use ProMed Xpress to Order Medical Equipment and Supplies Online

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ProMed Products Xpress, a division of Scrip, Inc., is a premier online provider of professional rehabilitation, exercise and therapy equipment. ProMed Products Xpress has been serving therapists and trainers for more than 20 years. There’s simply no more reliable source of quality products, friendly customer service, fast shipping and competitive prices for physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists and occupational therapists.

Therapy Equipment and Supplies

For the most complete inventory of professional therapy equipment and supplies available in the industry, knowledgeable therapists and trainers rely on ProMed Products Xpress for fast, reliable service. It’s so easy to shop online by brand, department or even sale items. There’s no telling how many local brick and mortar outlets you would have to visit to access the products available through the convenience of ProMed’s comprehensive online store. You’re sure to find the evaluation and diagnostic tools you’ve been searching for as well as a few products and supplies that you hadn’t yet considered. From ambulation to vital signs, ProMed’s longstanding relationship with quality vendors insures that ordering products is easy and economical for their many satisfied customers. Biofreeze

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For superior pain relief in a massage therapy setting, Biofreeze is widely agreed to be an effective choice. Biofreeze is available in many different varieties. From money-saving pump bottles to hands-free applicators, Massage Warehouse offers the most extensive selection of Biofreeze products around. Massage therapists rely on Biofreeze for its effective pain-relieving properties. With the use of cryotherapy, which is facilitated by menthol, Biofreeze absorbs into the skin and acts as a topical analgesic. It’s an important addition to any massage therapist’s product lineup, and finding the right solution is easy at Massage Warehouse. Learn more about Biofreeze products and Massage Warehouse’s low prices, prompt shipping and excellent selection below.

An Effective Pain Reliever
Biofreeze can be used to relieve many different kinds of pain. As a topical analgesic, it is highly effective for sore muscles, arthritis, aching joints, muscle sprains and neck, shoulder and back pain. The main active ingredient in Biofreeze is menthol, which penetrates the skin to provide cool, soothing relief. Biofreeze also contains Ilex, which is an herbal extract that’s found in South American holly plants. Ilex has been used as a natural remedy for years. The effects of massage and Biofreeze combine to provide exceptional pain relief, and massage therapists around the world rely on this product to provide superior care to their clients.

Benefits of Purchasing Catheter Supplies Online

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There are many misconceptions that catheters are only used by individuals who suffer from severe or permanent urinary issues, such as incontinence. In reality however, this is not the case at all. They are used for a variety of medical problems including things such as: after serious surgery and when someone has a temporary, or short-lived, urinary problem. With the innovative technology driven by today’s society for quicker, easier to use products, catheters are now available in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes, to fit anyone’s needs. You are even able to find catheters that fit in your pocket, for easy on-the-go access for your medical issue. Even better is that now, you no longer have to go to a pharmacy or drug store to receive your catheter supplies. You can purchase the catheters from an online source and have them delivered straight to your door. Cutting out the middle man means quicker turn-around, lower costs and more efficient service.

A big question for many catheter users is why they would be interested in buying their catheters online. The fact is, there are many great reasons why a permanent or short-term catheter user would benefit from ordering their supplies from an online source. For example, those who must by the catheters on a regular basis may find it embarrassing when they purchase their supplies from a traditional store or pharmacy. Especially a pharmacy or store that is located in their neighborhood. By ordering the catheter supplies you need online, it allows you to have the privacy you desire, and get the products you need delivered directly to your front door. Additionally, by ordering online, you no longer have to worry if you have any sort of mobility issues, or if you do not have a store that sells the types of catheters you need, in your area. Further, by ordering your catheter supplies online, you have access to a larger selection of items, which enables you to find the perfect catheter for your specific medical problem.

Making the Right Choice for Weight Loss Pills

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Weight loss is the total loss of body mass. There are various ways of losing weight but several people opt for pills which are a faster and not strenuous compare to physical exercises. There are various pills for weight loss but it is advisable to seek medical advice before using any. One should know how they really work and the ingredients used to make the product. This is because some of the pills might brings side effects and thus it is better to go with the ones with the least side effects.

Although in most case it is safe, those side effects would be noticeable later in life, if the pills are consume overly. According to research some pills go to the extent of backfiring. Choose the right pills and elude health complications that will make your life uncomfortable. Don’t get the wrong impression that there no safe pills in the market. In spite of all protestations, safe and efficient pills exist.