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Getting Physical With The Airwalker Swing

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One of the greatest challenges that an autistic child faces is with sensory integration.  While most children have no problems absorbing all of the stimuli in the environment and creating an accurate mental picture of the world around them, autistic children will often struggle to do the same, meaning that they live in a world of constant confusion and change.  Fortunately, there are many products out there that can help autistic children develop their sensory integration skills.  One specific aspect of sensory integration that these products often target is deep touch stimulation.

In contrast to light touch pressure, such as tickling or light taps, that alerts the nervous system, there is very well documented evidence that demonstrates the calming effects of deep touch pressure (such as holding, swaddling, etc.) in all humans is very well documented.  The relaxing effect of deep touch pressure is only magnified in children with autism, who often seek the comfort of compression to help calm down.  Many products exist that aid in this task, including weighted blankets, compression vests, and various toys designed to provide the pressure that autistic children so often crave.  One of the most versatile, helpful, and fun products available for autistic children that parents are particularly enthused about is the airwalker swing.