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Allegro Medical Supplies Cover Almost Any Need

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Browsing the Allegro website is quite the experience, as the number of available products should be daunting but is almost taken in stride due to the easy to navigate layout of the site. Still, there are tons of items available that may be of use for any of a variety of facilities including schools, hospitals, doctors and nursing homes.

Schools May Need Minor Wound Care Supplies

Elementary schools or even school districts often have a recurring need for Band-Aids, gauze and other supplies that are used to treat many minor wounds. This is an area that Allegro Medical can help out with due to a wide selection and the ability to ship orders on a recurring basis or to offer bulk discounts on some items.

Nary has a day gone by in an elementary school of almost any size where a student doesn’t fall down and scraped an elbow or sprained an ankle. Thus, schools with young kids should fall into a category of medical supply purchasers that have relatively consistent needs from one week or month into the next.

Why AllegroMedicalcom Is the Best Home Medical Equipment Provider

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There are hundreds of home medical equipment providers on the Internet, so why should a consumer choose AllegroMedical.com? At times, choosing the right provider can seem downright overwhelming. Here are five reasons why Allegro Medical stands head and shoulders above their competition.

#1 – Their staff list is extensive and includes medical professionals.
The staff list of employees at AllegroMedical.com does not consist solely of nameless salespeople. There are a number of trained professionals, from medical doctors to equipment specialists, on their staff. If a client has questions about their purchases, they can rest assured that their questions will be answered by qualified professionals.

Use ProMed Xpress to Order Medical Equipment and Supplies Online

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ProMed Products Xpress, a division of Scrip, Inc., is a premier online provider of professional rehabilitation, exercise and therapy equipment. ProMed Products Xpress has been serving therapists and trainers for more than 20 years. There’s simply no more reliable source of quality products, friendly customer service, fast shipping and competitive prices for physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists and occupational therapists.

Therapy Equipment and Supplies

For the most complete inventory of professional therapy equipment and supplies available in the industry, knowledgeable therapists and trainers rely on ProMed Products Xpress for fast, reliable service. It’s so easy to shop online by brand, department or even sale items. There’s no telling how many local brick and mortar outlets you would have to visit to access the products available through the convenience of ProMed’s comprehensive online store. You’re sure to find the evaluation and diagnostic tools you’ve been searching for as well as a few products and supplies that you hadn’t yet considered. From ambulation to vital signs, ProMed’s longstanding relationship with quality vendors insures that ordering products is easy and economical for their many satisfied customers.