Calorie Burning – Increase Your Body Metabolism

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You probably already know that to get a permanent weight loss, you need to change your lifestyle and develop several healthy habits. A healthy habit will help you to reduce your fat even if you’re not realizing that you’re doing it. Some people already proved this by switching their favorite drinks with diet soda, or trading their 30 minutes TV-watching on the couch with walking. Even if it’s just a small habit, it could give you a big impact in your weight loss plan, and increase your metabolism.

Here are 7 habits that you could implement to your life right away:

Moving more1. Moving more

Ordinary people will burn about a third calories everyday. You could increase your calories burning by simply moving more than you do before. This simple habit will helps you to burn more calories everyday. So, how do you do that? Just keep moving. Don’t let your body just sitting in there. One tip for you, put the post-it-notes in the place where you’re always sitting or doing nothing for a long period of time. Write just one word in it, “MOVE!”

It will remind you that you still need to move during your break. Here are a few ideas that you could start doing to move some parts of your body: swing your legs when you’re sit down, change your position often, stand up and stretch your body, stand up when you phoned someone and start pacing, or park your car in the furthest corner of your parking lot.

2. Eat small and often

Eating small but often will keep you energized during the day and prevent you to want “something more” to eat. It also helps to burn your calories faster, and distribute the fat in your body properly. Try to eat a small portion of your meals every 2-4 hours because it will make your body working constantly to digest the food. This digesting process requires more energy, and energy burns more fat in your body.

3. Consume “healthy” fats

Even if our goal is to burn more fat, we need to realize that fats are also essential for our body. Healthy fats will help you lose weight by increasing the calories burning process. Some of the foods that contain healthy fats are olive oil, flaxseed oil, salmon, avocados, and nuts. Add some of these into your daily diet plan.

4. Drink Cold Water

Cold water will make your body to burn more calories in order to raise the temperature of it. Besides, it could also keep you well hydrated during the day and make your metabolic process burn quicker.

exercise gym5. Do exercise with weights

Weights are another good way to burn your calories. Lifting weights regularly will develop a muscle tissue in your body. This muscle tissue is metabolically active and it needs more calories when it’s in the rest condition. Not only that, it could also increasing the fat-burning enzymes in the body.

6. Eat spicy food

Hot spices could speed up the metabolism in your body. Try it by adding half a teaspoon cinnamon into your coffee per day. It can boost your metabolism and keep your sugar level steady. If you can’t stand a cinnamon in your coffee, try adding different spices into your meal, such as wasabi or crushed red pepper.

7. Eat protein

The process to digest the protein into your body requires more calories to burn. It’s because the complexity of their chemical breakdown. Plan your meal that contains more proteins and eat snacks that contain it too. Protein, which takes longer to digest, will make you not to overeat and stay full for a longer period of time.

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