Flexible Hot and Cold Therapy from Scriphessco.com

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Hot and cold therapy packs are essential items in chiropractic care, physical therapy and other healthcare practices. Long-lasting hot and cold packs reduce pain, swelling and other symptoms associated with muscle and joint injuries. These effective, drug-free tools are convenient to use, and they promote healing and recovery.

Hot and Cold Therapy Packs
Most hot and cold packs are placed directly on the skin from the microwave or freezer. The best products retain heat or cold for their recommended period of time to reduce the risk of overheating or overcooling sensitive muscles and tissue. A doctor or therapist can explain to their patients when to use heat or cold therapy.

Different aches and pains respond better to different therapies. Whether cold or hot, these therapies manipulate the body into faster healing. Hot and cold therapy is immensely popular because they are easy for patients to self-administer at home.

ScripHessco Therapy Products
ScripHessco has a number of hot and cold therapy products available for doctors, clinics and patients. In fact, the company offers more than 100 products in various shapes, sizes and brands. ALL-TEMP products are among the hot cold packs available at Scriphessco.com.

ScripHessco has the largest selection of chiropractic equipment and supplies on the Internet. The massive webstore is operated by an Illinois-based company with more than forty years of experience in the healthcare supplies industry. In addition to hot and cold therapy products, ScripHessco stocks over 10,000 products in more than a dozen departments including chiropractic tables, analgesic lotions, electrotherapy units, orthopedic devices and various treatment supplies.

ALL-TEMP Flexible Hot and Cold Packs
The ALL-TEMP flexible hot and cold packs carry a five-star rating based on customer satisfaction and reviews. Designed for cold or heat therapy, these handy items are extremely flexible. Even frozen, they provide a great deal of flexibility. They can easily be warmed in the microwave or a pot of boiling water.

ALL-TEMP hot and cold packs provide soothing comfort for tired, tight, sore or tender muscles. They are larger than many other brands, so they impact a greater coverage area. Longer temperature retention times enable them to hold their temperature for the recommended period of time. ScripHessco also sells fabric covers that enable doctors and patients to place the product directly on the skin.
hot cold therapy pack
Hot and Cold Therapy Benefits
Cold therapy, sometimes called cryotherapy, is a common way to treat an injury. Athletes often use cold compresses on an injured area to reduce swelling. Topical cooling reduces blood flow to the injured area, which reduces pain and inflammation.

Some people prefer heat therapy to cryotherapy. They should always follow their doctor’s instructions regarding the correct use of hot packs. An incorrect use of heat can stall or reverse the healing process.

ScripHessco Variety and Value

ALL-TEMP hot and cold packs are ideal for both types of chiropractic therapy. The products are convenient to use and safe for injured tissues, especially when used with a fabric covering. ScripHessco.com sells ALL-TEMP therapy packs in four sizes: 4 x 7 inches, 6 x 10 inches, 4 x 15 inches and 10 x 15 inches.

The low ScripHessco prices enable doctors to purchase a variety of sizes to use for various patient injuries. According to customer reviews, ALL-TEMP hot and cold packs are durable products that can last for years, and the low price makes them valuable items for any office or clinic.

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