Your Stress versus Success Of Your Weight Loss Plan

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Diet StressFor people who have a high stress level, they usually find out it’s hard to lose their weight. The stress that they feel usually comes from work, family, or other aspects of their life. Often, this stress will trigger the need to eat more foods to lessen their stress level. As the results, they’re not only failed to follow their weight loss diet plan, but they also gaining several pounds more.

Stressed people usually use their problems as the excuses to eat more. No matter what the problem is, they tend to run for foods than face the problem and solve it. If you’re happening to be one of these types of person, you could find several tips below to manage your stress and succeeded in your weight loss plan.

1. Be more patience

A high stress level probably drives you crazier until you can’t wait to grab some foods and eat it. Train your patience by waiting about 10-30 minutes before you start eating. After the stress hitting you, try to go for a walk first or go to some place to clear your head. After that, figure out whether you still wants to eat or not. If you’re not, then your desire to eat is triggered by your stress level. If you’re not, feel free to grab some light food so you’re not getting hungrier while still maintain your diet plan.

2. Make your food journal.

Food journal will helps you tracking what you eat day after day. It should give you a clear picture whether you’re still sticking with your diet plan or not. Also, don’t forget to write down what snacks that you’ve eaten during the day. Knowing that you’ll need to write it in your journal, you probably want to think first before you eat it.

3. Get a friend’s help.

Your friend could help you to control your behavior during your stress. Just drop them some notes, email, or call them right away when you start to feel stressed out. They probably could help you to solve your problem, lowering your stress level, even keeping you on track with your diet plan.

stress out weight loss4. Stay nourished.

While some people reacted to eat more when they are stressed, some of them are not eating at all. This is probably a lot worse than the first type of person because they tend to eat more than the first type do. Stay nourished even when you’re stress by eating some healthy snacks or drink more water.

5. Write some notes on your desk.

If you happen to spend more of your time working in the office, grab some pen and papers, then write down something like, “Are you sure you’re really hungry?” or “Think about why you should eat right now”, and put it in the places where you see them most. These notes will keep yourself in check and not eating when you don’t need it.

6. Remove tempting foods from your refrigerator. Tempting foods tend to drive you crazy. In one side, you like it a lot and you really don’t mind to eat it. In other side, you know you should stick to your diet plan and avoid it. The answer of this problem is removing the tempting foods completely from your refrigerator.

7. Take your personal time everyday. Use this time to check yourself about what makes you stress today, and think about ways to resolve it when you’re facing the same problems. This is one of the critical steps because you need to maintain a healthy condition, either physically or mentally.

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