Weight Loss During Pre and Post Pregnancy Period

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pregnancyWeight loss and pregnant women this stage it’s very critical, you must be really careful about weight loss during pregnancy or after pregnancy. Increase in the hormone level is the reason of over weight during pregnancy. Studies say that weight loss during pregnancy who did not gain weight have also come across better pregnancy and its not recommended to have an intentional weight loss during pregnancy because its critical part of life though it’s a wonderful feeling and experience of having a baby.

Usually its nausea and vomiting causes weight loss during pregnancy.  It would have been difficult 9 nine months of over weight during pregnancy, however after pregnancy be patient to overcome the over weight and not cut down calories immediately. According to the studies it’s said that breast feeding also helps in reducing weight, this could be one of the opportunities for the mom’s to reduce their weight.

post pregnancy weightlossThe best time to start weight loss is after couple of months of the delivery as when the hormone level is preparing to come back to the normal stage, maintaining the diet would help in gaining the pre pregnancy weight and also little bit of exercise as well, do not stress yourself thinking more about weight, as I would personally say mental stress is the biggest enemy of any success.

When said maintaining diet does not mean skipping meals, do not skip meals as it would have other consequences to the health. Having light meal skipping oily, junk food, having fresh fruits and vegetables would mean maintaining diet and also being healthy.  Please seek your doctor before consuming any weight loss medications as a precautionary measure.

Exercise does not mean heavy weight exercises, you need little bit of walking and few body moving exercises. You need to have real patience because you would not see the differences in days it would take about 6 – 10 months to regain the pre pregnancy weight.  Drinking lots of water, drinking fresh fruit juices would definitely keep you healthy and helps in reducing the weight.

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