Balancing the Hormone that affects Your Weight Loss Plan

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belly fatsAs a people with hormones, we need to realize that out hormones sometimes affect our weight loss plan, and no matter what we do, it still increase the weight of our body. Men and women normally have a different hormones challenged. For women it’s located at the top of the thighs and between their armpits. You could see that even if they have more fats in those parts, their other part such as legs and lower arms are normal. For men they usually gain weight around their waist or breast.

To keep hormones from ruining your weight loss diet, you need to control your hormone, such as estrogen. Estrogen produced in your fat cells. It also increases your fat cells number. The more you have, the fatter you’ll become. So, how could we control this hormone?

1. Evaluate the hormones in your body. What is the ratio of estrogen and progesterone in your body today? If it’s balances, then you have no problem at all. But if it’s not, and you have more estrogen, you’ll likely to collect more weight around your waist. It’s called estrogen dominance.

2. Lower your estrogen. Start you estrogen-lowering program if your estrogen is out of control. Some of the way you can do is by balancing the estrogen and progesterone. It could be done by increasing your progesterone using a bio-identical progesterone cream. However, it’s not the only way. You could ask professional advice to get more information for balancing your estrogen.

When you start your estrogen-lowering program, you’ll encounter some of these steps below:
– Increase the fiber. You could do this by eating as much fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, as you want or consume the pills that contains fiber about 30-50 grams of fiber daily.
– Increase the indoles. You could find it in cabbages, broccoli, or cauliflower. Eat those foods or get a supplement that contains indole-3-carbinol. Remember, your target is 3 servings per day.
– Increase the essentials fatty acids. It’s called essentials because your body can’t produce them. It will help to regulate your estrogens and balance your prostaglandin production.
– Increase your nutrition. You could do this by taking extra vitamin C or some supplements.

3. The 40/30/30 rule. Eat your Carbohydrate, Proteins and Fats in a 40/30/30 ratio for each meal, everyday. This is one of the balanced meals. Having a balanced meal everyday will help your body to balance the hormones, increase your energy, and normalize your weight.

4. Move a lot. Don’t spend your time by sitting in front of TV and hoping that you’ll lose weight by tomorrow. It’s not going to happen. Instead, move your body and do some exercises. Ask professional advices to tailor a great exercise program for you, follow it, do it, and stick with it. Keep your body active during the day.

5. Go celebrate! When you reach your goal of your desired weight or just lose several pounds, celebrate it with your love ones. Well, it’s no harm to relief yourself and enjoy barbecue grills for celebration.  After that, stay on track, and you’ll feel better with your new looks!

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