Overcome The Fears With Weight Loss

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You probably often heard that weight loss usually connotated with emotions such as stressed, depressed, or happy. But have you ever heard the word “fear” connotated with that?

vital weight fearFear in weight loss usually caused by the need to impress anybody by being thinner than usual. This fear could act like a double edge sword. People with obesity usually fear that the community won’t accept them if their bodies are too big, fear that no one would like them when they’re still in that condition, or fear that people will look at them as if he’s too greedy to share his foods. When the people getting thinner, their definition of fear on weight loss start to change. They will think that being overweight is much better because they could hide behind their fat, and disappear from the world. Or, you figure out that people are a lot nastier when you’re slim and fit than when you are big and fat.

This fear can’t be banished like any other emotions. You need to see deeper in yourself before you could overcome your fear completely. You need to figure out what are you scared of, what makes it important for you to fear it, until realizing what kind of fear that drive you toward to lose weight. After you address the problems, it would be much easier to find the answers.

People, who never experience this fear before, often jumped right away to start their weight loss diet plan. You could do the same way. But if you’re not, it’s much better for you to prepare yourself for it.

There is always a way to easing the fear in your mind. Below are 4 proven systems that you can use to overcome your fear of weight loss, and achieve your goal:

fitness support1. Find your support.
– The people who acted as your support could be one of your family members, your spouse, people who just did what you want to do, or your personal trainer. Personal trainer usually more experienced by helping the people who has fear of weight loss in their mind. The personal trainer could help you to digging the problems, find the answers, and even motivate you to the next level. If you can’t find a good trainer in your town, the next option is by finding the people who already did what you just want to start. They already walk the walk, and willing to show you how to do that.

2. Keep a journal.
– When the fears are uncontrollable, pour it into a journal. It could helps you to ease your mind and figure out what really ticks your emotion, and how you could prevent it the next time it came. Just write down your feelings or fears without editing. You’ll learn the honesty in it, and be a better person.

3. Do affirmations.
– Releasing a negative emotions not only stop until you write a journal. You need to feel the empty spaces with affirmations. It gives your mind some work to do so it can’t go back feeling the negative emotions again.

4. Have your personal quiet time.
– Free up about 15 minutes of your day for your personal quiet time. If your work is so busy, this will help you to slow down a bit, and trace back about what you’re doing before that could bring you to this point. People often use this personal time to do some meditations and release themselves from fear.

Don’t limit yourself with your fear. Be a better person by knowing how to take care of this fear once and for all.

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