Purchasing A Table And Massage Sheets From NewLifeSystems

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The key component to a successful massage therapy business is selecting the best table with massage sheets from NewLifeSystems. The quality of the massage experience is often enhanced by the level of comfort provided by the table and sheets. A quality massage table can provide the client deeper relaxation, so the hands of the therapist can release more tension, which is typically the reason most individuals receive massage.

The Face Cradle

When the therapist can provide a deeper relaxation experience, the client can enjoy better posture and a healthier natural alignment both during the treatment and after. Purchasing a table with massage sheets from NewLifeSystems ensures that it has an adjustable face cradle to support the client’s neck during the session when lying on the table chest down. Many low-quality massage tables have ill-fitting cradles, which makes it extremely uncomfortable for the client.

The Padding

Another crucial component to providing quality massage is the type of padding crafted into the table. While thickness is a nice option, density in the padding offers more comfort to the client. It offers better support, especially when the client is lying on their side.

The Width of the Table

Before choosing the ideal table and massage sheets from NewLifeSystems, it is important to consider other aspects. The table should be easy to adjust, so the therapist can set the table height properly to ensure the best results. The width of the table is also important, especially for therapists that deal with larger clients. However, the width should not be too wide to make it physically challenging on the demands of giving a good massage. Generally speaking, massage tables manufactured between 27 inches and 31 inches are the ideal range for both the client and the therapist.

Essential Accessories

There are a few basic essential accessories that are crucial to providing a quality massage for the client. A pillow or bolster that fits comfortably under the leg and ankle will help support the client during certain types of massage modalities.

Additionally, high quality massage sheets from NewLifeSystems are also crucial. They are crafted out of cotton, and keep the client comfortable throughout the entire session. They hold up well with repeated washings. It is imperative that the therapist changes sheets between sessions so that every client has an enjoyable massage experience.

A massage table warmer is another crucial component to providing a quality massage, especially when the temperature in the room is cool. Adding a table warmer along with quality massage sheets from NewLifeSystems will offer the necessary protection to the table and increase its longevity.

Quality Supplies

Even with the proper equipment, quality table, a warmer and massage sheets from NewLifeSystems, an effective massage requires quality supplies. This includes professional-grade massage oils, lotions and creams. When the creams, lotions and oils are blended with natural ingredients, they will provide the right type of friction so the massage therapist’s hands will have the right type of glide. This helps for deep tissue massage and shiatsu massage therapies.

The therapist should consider using aromatherapy candles and essential oils to complete the ideal massage experience. Both essential oils and aromatherapy candles are known to increase the level of relaxation and provide a sense of inner peace during and after the session.

Purchasing the right massage table and accessories is crucial to running a successful massage therapy business. Selecting a table that is easy to adjust offers the therapist the opportunity to provide a variety of therapeutic modalities including shiatsu, deep tissue, Thai, Swedish, hot stone and other types of massage.

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