Use ProMed Xpress to Order Medical Equipment and Supplies Online

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ProMed Products Xpress, a division of Scrip, Inc., is a premier online provider of professional rehabilitation, exercise and therapy equipment. ProMed Products Xpress has been serving therapists and trainers for more than 20 years. There’s simply no more reliable source of quality products, friendly customer service, fast shipping and competitive prices for physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists and occupational therapists.

Therapy Equipment and Supplies

For the most complete inventory of professional therapy equipment and supplies available in the industry, knowledgeable therapists and trainers rely on ProMed Products Xpress for fast, reliable service. It’s so easy to shop online by brand, department or even sale items. There’s no telling how many local brick and mortar outlets you would have to visit to access the products available through the convenience of ProMed’s comprehensive online store. You’re sure to find the evaluation and diagnostic tools you’ve been searching for as well as a few products and supplies that you hadn’t yet considered. From ambulation to vital signs, ProMed’s longstanding relationship with quality vendors insures that ordering products is easy and economical for their many satisfied customers.

When you know exactly what you want, online ordering saves time and money. When you’re not quite certain exactly what you need, however, the assistance of a trained customer service representative can be invaluable. ProMed stocks only the very best Acupuncture, cardio, exercise, orthopedic, and physical therapy equipment and devices. They also stock the top chiropractic, massage, rehabilitation, respiratory and skin care equipment and supplies. It really doesn’t matter whether you need a treatment table or a set of crutches, ProMed is in the medical equipment business.

Supplies and Daily Living Aids

It’s hard to imagine an aspect of daily living that ProMed Products Xpress isn’t prepared for. Whether you want to stock up on gloves and gowns or you need some orthopedic wedges and supports, they take great pride in offering an unrivaled selection of professional daily living aids and supplies. It’s true, you’ll find all the bandages, tubing, charts, disinfectants and much more at ProMed Products Xpress.

When it comes to caring for your patients, it’s all about results. ProMed Products Xpress is the online solution to ordering the exact equipment and supplies necessary to make a difference for the patients you serve. Just like you, they’re the very best at what they do. When your patient works hard to take one more step, get just a little stronger or take a deeper breath, it becomes obvious why you chose the medical profession. ProMed doesn’t get to witness the results, but they sure enjoy being a small part of the healing process.

Aside from the convenience and economic benefits of ordering equipment and supplies with the assistance of ProMed’s quick order catalogue, the ProMed website offers many other advantages. You can sign up to receive news and sales announcements via email. The website offers an impressive array of reference information and product descriptions. You can request a catalogue or obtain contact information for their trained customer service and regional sales representatives. They serve both domestic and international customers. Learn about ProMed’s 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee when you visit their website at

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