Uses and Advantages of Scrip Hessco Biofreeze Cream

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One of the main reasons that people feel pain and discomfort in the body is due to nerve endings that are being affected by irritation and inflammation. Therefore, the pain could be reduced if only the swelling were to be addressed. One of the best ways to reduce inflammation is by cooling the area. Instead of applying an uncomfortable icepack to the skin, patients can find great healing and relief by using Scrip Hessco Biofreeze cream.

Understanding the Healing Powers and Benefits of Ilex

What sets Biofreeze products apart from competing products is the fact that it contains ilex. Ilex is a natural herb that is extracted from a South American holly shrub. In South America, this herb has been used for medicinal purposes throughout many generations. Most notably, when applied to the skin, ilex produces a very soothing and cooling affect.

Because the cream is made from this natural herb, there is little risk that the skin will become irritated around the application area, as it might with ointments that contain harsh chemicals. Many patients greatly appreciate the fact that Biofreeze cream does not even contain any type of oil, petroleum, or waxes that would leave the skin feeling slick and slippery. Instead, the cream absorbs quickly and cleanly, beginning to relieve the pain very soon after application.

Why Chiropractors Choose Scrip Hessco Biofreeze Cream

Chiropractors will frequently need to perform manipulations and adjustments to the body in order to provide relief and comfort. Biofreeze products, supplied by, allow these physicians to optimize the amount of relief that the patients feel throughout the treatments and after they have returned home. If a chiropractor works with athletes, for example, they may very well recommend that an athlete keep a container of Biofreeze topical ointment available to apply after practices and events in order to keep pain under control.

These types of products are also often recommended to people who feel chronic pain due to problems such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. The patients who suffer from these problems can apply the cream directly to the joint that is causing the problem, and quickly experience soothing pain relief. This option is often much more favorable than having to take a pill to relive the pain, which could have side effects or affect the individual’s diet. The patient can apply the cream and quickly receive relief without having to worry about eating a meal first or having water available to take medication.

The Importance of Shopping with Scrip Hessco

While Biofreeze products may be possible to find in physical stores, it is often much more favorable to purchase Scrip Hessco Biofreeze cream using the online store. Purchasing from this retailer is especially wise for chiropractors that will need to order larger quantities of the product. This company not only provides a very large selection of Biofreeze products, but it also offers multiple sizes of containers and great discounts. This online store enables physicians to stock their practices while receiving the best value possible.

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